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How to use the English verb “ask” correctly
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Sometimes we just need to talk about issues as they impact…. By Beverly Gadson-Birch Wake up, voters!

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Only you can answer that question by voting for the best candidate. As quiet as it is kept, there is a new voting machine.

It was a motivational program for students in grades Jesse Jackson. I often reflect on our…. Can you be good and no-good at the same time? You can be from a good home and folks may think you are….

We all have scars.

Yes, sir! There are two things that really get under my skin—cockroaches and Uncle Toms. One reason being is the Clemson Study clearly pointed out—in house bickering by board members.

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The reason for the bickering is some members are holding forums with stakeholders and gathering information to change the direction of education in Charleston County Schools. By Beverly Gadson-Birch I am not one for airing Black folk dirty laundry in public, but sometimes you just got to put it all out there, bloomers and all.

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I asked the teacher about the final exam. I asked my colleague about his trip to Portugal. My boss asked me about the project. Let's ask the travel agent about. I’m sorry to say that neither of your examples is correct. Which sentence is grammatically correct between "He asked me if I knew who he was" and " who was he"? “He asked me who I like”, concerning my.

My involvement in the black community is by chance not choice. I asked Jill where she had bought her dress.

The Man Who Asked Me To Be His Baby-Mama. A True Story On Love, Spirit + Connection.

The hotel receptionist asked me how many nights I would be staying. The teacher asked the class if everyone had finished the homework.

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R-d came out to the common room for his morning chores, and saw me then. As quiet as it is kept, there is a new voting machine. He spends five minutes pushing his steak around the plate before asking if I could cook it again. WorldWednesday Does anyone else actually like having their passports stamped, even in this digital age? G- was quite a bit older, and had more world experience than the younger girls, who just ignored me at prayer which suited me just fine as well. Not like a fool, but as if he was sure that there was nothing to be worried about.

I asked my secretary to print out the report. They asked us not to make so much noise in the library.

Will ASKfm ever reveal who asked anonymous questions?

The doctor asked me not to eat for 12 hours before the surgery. Error Alert!

Never use: Ask to someone I asked to my friend if she had any plans. I asked everyone to turn off their cell phones during the meeting Phrasal verbs with ask 5. He asked me out for a movie. He asked me out for a drink. He asked me out for coffee. Master the details of English grammar: Learn more about this course.