Dont Look Back (A Novel in Two Parts)

Don't Look Back: Part 2
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What a second chance she has been given. To be different, to be better, to make things right. I'm all about second chances!! Carson's character. Holy moly. How does JLA write all these amazing guy characters? I adore his character. He is so patient with Sam, even though she has been awful to him! Actually, a lot of people Sam was awful to are willing to help her now. Yay human race!

I really couldn't stand Del. I knew something was "off" with him from the first page he was on. Disgusting man. I really wanted Sam to just punch him and tell him to leave her alone. For reals! Honestly, all of her "before the incident" friends were just horrible people that I would never want to be around!

I won't give away any spoilers, but I will say I called the "killer" from the get go. I don't think it's blatantly obvious, but I had my suspicions and they turned out to be right.

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That being said, the book still kept me on the edge of my seat and it's definitely worth the read. It's JLA, come on!

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Great mystery, amazing romance again, it's JLA! Jillian Van Leer Top 10 Reviewer reviews. Report this review Comments 0 Was this review helpful to you? Don't Miss It! April 14, What I Liked: Jennifer L.

Don't Look Back - Lynette Eason

Even though I was doubly skeptical about liking it, since I also am not much of a mystery reader, I decided to give it a try, because why not right? Well, played Disney-Hyperion. Mystery readers like the whodunit and the howdunit. Needless to say, amnesia under such circumstances is overwhelming. Sam treated people execrably. What made me such a fan of this book is how many typical YA tropes it not only side-steps but subtly face-punches. She does something similar to defend a girl who one of her former friends called fat. I wanted to high five her constantly.

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The other big difference is how slowly the romance progressed. There was definite chemistry, but Sam and Carson were actually fairly logical about jumping into anything. When her ex-besties told Sam some rumors, Sam actually confronted him about them, rather than just judging him by slander which might not be true.

Also, Carson refused to start anything until Sam dealt with her boyfriend from before the amnesia. She actually takes the time to see if she and Del could have anything, giving her past self a chance. She keeps him in the loop. She trusts him enough to tell him she thinks she may be going crazy. Also, I thought it was awesome that she was determined to find the truth, even though she was afraid it would implicate her.

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The new Sam is such an honest and direct person. It was really refreshing. Christina Franke, Staff Top 10 Reviewer reviews. Because Carson. March 26, Updated: March 26, Don't Look Back is a skillfully crafted psychological thriller that will leave you guessing right up until the very end! This book stressed the crap out of me, but in a good way. Infused with strong characters, Armentrout's signature wit and romantic tension, it is unlike any of her previous works, but fans need not worry.

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Not really. Okay, maybe a little. Everyone makes mistakes and there isn't one person who hasn't said, "Can I get a do-over, please? Sam is no different, except she didn't exactly ask for her "do-over", especially since it involves blood, cryptic notes and one creepyars music box.

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To ask other readers questions about Don't Look Back, please sign up. is this a stand alone novel or is it part of a series? i wouldn't like to start reading it to. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Don't Look Back is part of a crime series by the Norwegian author Karin Fossum. It features.

But Sam does the best she can to piece together what few details she remembers about "that night", while attempting to make amends with the people she wasn't very nice to. People like her twin brother Scott, and Julie and Carson. Even her mother who is not the easiest of people to like.

But most of all, Carson. Carson and Sam used to be close, like, no shirt, no shoes required, close. Okay, so they were little kids, but still. And then things changed. Sam changed when she started hanging out with Cassie and Del.

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By the time "that night" happens, Carson has been relegated to the son of the help. Silly, silly, Sam. In Odessa, Sheriff Davidson has lined up the Union Wells High cheerleading squad, hoping that Officer Ramsford , the firefighter who checked Claire for burns will be able to pick her out.

He does so, but before Claire can give an answer about what happened, Jackie steps forward and takes the credit for the rescue.


During the ensuing celebration, Claire asks the Sheriff about the injured train wreck victim and learns he's recovering. Out on the football field during practice, Zach finally tracks down Claire and tells her the tape is missing.

Just then, she's knocked to the ground by Brody as she crosses the field. Only Zach sees that her neck is broken in the collision, but it heals before Brody comes to her aid. Niki and Micah arrive home. She sends Micah into the house to pack as she enters the garage to clean up the mess, but finds everything cleared away even her studio set-up.